What I do

(What can I do for you?)

I am a Graphic Designer, but I am oh so much more!


Essentially, I create things.


Most of my time is working as a Graphic designer; in this I specialise in branding and finding ways for companies to have meaningful communication with their customers.


My work is always a reflection of the companies I work for and the people behind them.

When you speak to your customers, you need to stand out from the competition.


I strive to create work that is both fun and evocative. I’m comfortable in digital, however I have a soft spot for print.


Its far more than just a flat image, print can engage every sense at once and leave a real imprint on your clients. Ideally digital and print should be employed together to create a seamless experience.



Designers come in all sorts of flavours and specialisations; from web based to marketing experts.

Most of us dabble in an assortment of creative fields with skills stretching across different disciplines.


Like most, I don’t often think of these as individual skills, more of just different ways of solving the same problem.

It’s more like wearing different hats depending on what I’m working on.

My Hats

What Does that mean for you?

(why should you care?)

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